About Dinosaur Records USA

We're thrilled to be in our NEW location in Suisun City, CA. For over 29 years, we've been bringing the great people of this good earth the finest Rock, Jazz, Atmospheric, and Progressive music in the USA. These difficult economic times have hit us all, but we're proud to say in all sincerity... "We don't compromise on quality!" 


Upcoming Projects

Why should you choose Dinosaur to produce/record your project?

It's important to us to keep our rates reasonably priced. We're waging a war against the middleman markups that so frequently occur in this industry. By strategic scheduling and consolidating services, our goal is to help you contain your project costs, WITHOUT sacrificing Quality! By scheduling in advance and purchasing one of our recording packages, you can save big time. Just know that our time is limited, and we can't guarantee availability for 'last minute' projects...

Add to that our many years of experience in the recording industry, music composition and publishing...

So, whether you want to do a demo or a full fledged CD project...

        DINOSAUR RECORDS USA is the place to be!

Music Production, Publishing, Recording, Composition and Sales

Re-release of 3 early PJ Shadowhawk LPs

      Remixing and Remastering!

      Soon available on CD and Download!

Recording Equipment


      Studio One Professional Recording Software

      Tascam 2488 NEO 24 track deck

      Roland VS-880 8 track digital deck


     MXL 770 condenser,   EV PL91,

      Shure SM-57,  AKG D112,

      Nady & Cad drum mics (full range)


  Misc Equipment

      Studio Live 16.4.2 mixer

      Soundcraft "Spirit" Folio mixer

      Behringer XR4400 noise gates

      Alesis Midiverb III


      Ensoniq SD-1,  Juno 106,

      Yamaha MM6,  Emu Proteus II XR,

      Emu Vintage Keys Plus

   Software Plug ins

      Omnishere, Impact, Prescence,

      Mojito, and Sample One

      ... many, many effects and loops. 


DW & Ludwig Drums, Remo Roto-Toms,

Sabian, Paiste and A. Ziljdian cymbals,

Hamer Scarab 6-string, Hondo Jr. 6-string,

and (ultra-rare) Starfire 12-string guitar and

Yamaha DTXplorer electric drums.

Additional Instruments