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I began DINOSAUR RECORDS USA back in 1985 while I was living in Atlanta. I had been a writer for a couple of publishing firms, Amalgamated Tulip and Screen Gems and a performer, primarily on Drums for a number of bands in and around Chicago. (You know who you are.) --- While in Atlanta, I was asked to help in the production of Matthew Shelton's "Food for the Moon"  at 7-stages Theatre in little 5 points. There, I  began seriously composing orchestral arrangements for a couple of  songs written for this production.  I got the bug. And I haven't been able to stop writing since! Too many commercials, jingles, and silly love songs to remember, I turned to writing Prog Rock and Symphonies in an attempt to regain my sanity!  Truthfully, I am not sure it worked... but I  am still here and still writing and now I can offer these skills to you . We have it all here, under one roof... Composition, Productions services, including multi-track quality recording, Publishing and Manufacture too...         if you want it ! 


     PJ Shadowhawk

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PJ Shadowhawk

Hi. Just wanted to say I am very proud to be working with all the new and upcoming musicians here in Northern California. I wish I could only be of more help to you. My sincere wish is that, at this point in my life where age and disease has taken from me that energy needed to perform on any kind of consistent basis (although if Sir Paul McCartney or Peter Gabriel asked me, I would definitely find a way!), I want to make myself available to the next wave. The music business has changed so drastically with streaming and downloads taking the place of actual sales too often, where the artists don't really get paid for the craft anymore... It is hardly encouraging to young talent to put in the time and efforts necessary to really hone their craft. I want to provide a safe environment for that. I want to offer my sage advice and actually encourage young artists to improve... this is why I've chosen Dinosaur Records USA Recording Studio - because they are partnering with me in just such a fashion. So, musicians near and far, we will bend over backwards to work with you within your budget to achieve your goals of quality music production. You have my word on that... pj